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Solstice Magazine was created by Sebastian Santa Maria, a London based fashion photographer. .


He wanted a fresh challenge and had always toyed with the idea of creating a magazine, so thought why not? Being someone who always thinks big, he decided he wanted a magazine that represented fashion creatives around the world, not just the most fashion-orientated countries like England, USA, France and Italy. The best way to do this was to find and approach creatives from different countries and ask them if they'd be willing to contribute to the magazine. Despite the language barrier he managed to get a plethora of creatives willing to work with the magazine to produce top-quality work. So far we have creatives submitting work from Chile, Argentina, Brazil, USA, Canada, Mexico, U.K, China, Japan, Australia, South Africa, Egypt, Thailand, The Phillipines, Germany, Austria, France, Italy, Ukraine, Russia and many more.  


The magazine is a high quality publication with a view to giving fashion and photographically orientated creatives another platform for expressing themselves through the visual and written mediums. 


With the magazine in its infancy, we look to nurture the talented creatives of this world and hope we can grow with them. We have high aspirations and will do our upmost to deliver a beautiful editorial with an abundance of creative excellence. 

For more information on the print and digital versions of the magazine please click here

Sebastian Santa-Maria




Sebastian is a fashion and portrait photographer based in London, England. His work has been described as "Wonderfully diverse" and "A plethora of atmospheric beauty". Preferring not to stick to a specific style, Sebastian experiments with different locations and and aesthetics. At only 23 years old, he still has a lot to learn and will continue to strive to make his name and become the best in the industry.



Twitter: @sebsmphoto

Instagram: @ssmphoto

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